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Baba’s Life Chronology

This chronology is not meant to give details of the events in Baba's life. It simply lists the main points for most years in Baba’s life and some of the key points with which readers of his biographies will be familiar. I have bolded major points to more easily notice them when glancing over this rather lengthy list (in printed format it comes to 10 pages).

    *Note: I am quite aware that not everyone will agree about what constitutes "major points;" I'm willing to hear suggestions. But the point of bolding is going to be lost if every item is bolded—or even if a lot of items are bolded. The idea of bolding is to be able to scan rapidly to find a particular item you're looking for.

This is not meant to be a biography of Baba, nor a list of everything he did - which would be a biography. There are many excellent biographies of Baba online as well as in print. Here are some of the biographies, in order of length from longest to shortest

  • Lord Meher (20 volumes), by Bhau Kalchuri
  • Glimpses of the Godman (6 volumes), by Bal Natu
  • Love Alone Prevails, by Kitty Davey
  • The God-Man, by Charles Purdom
  • Meher Baba: The Awkener of the Age, by Don Stevens
  • Avatar, by Jean Adrial
  • Meher Baba The Awakener, by Charles Haynes
  • Meher Baba: The Compassionate One, by Rick Chapman
  • Much Silence: Meher Baba, His Life and Work, by Tom & Dorothy Hopkinson
  • The Beloved, by Naosherwan Anzar
There is, of course, a Wikipedia entry on Meher Baba. And Eric Solibakke has a concise one-page synopsis of Baba’s life on his website:

My sources for the information in this time line were:

  1. Naosherwan Anzar’s website: Beloved Archives - “The Life and Work of Meher Baba” ( )
  2. Timothy Conway’s Elightened Spirituality website - “Meher Baba: A Detailed Chronology” ( )
  3. Lord Meher online searchable edition ( )

Even with web pages (which can go on indefinitely) this is excessively long. So I have broken it up into particular periods to keep it within reasonable bounds for browsing But if you want it all in one long document you can download a pdf version of all 10 pages.

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