Nightengale and the Rose

digital art

I create my digital art pieces using Photoshop. I think of Meher Baba in a particular pose, then I look through photos of Baba to find each part of that pose; the head, the arms, the legs, the body, etc. Using Photoshop I combine each of these elements to create a particular pose.

I have my own rules which I observe when doing this. I don't use anything from any photo of any other person than of Baba himself. I also do not "flip" any body part of Baba to get it in the right position for the pose I am creating. In other words, I do not take a left hand and flip it to make it a right hand. I only use each part as I find it in the original photo of Baba.

Photoshop has a number of tools that I use to work with and modify the photos. The "cloning" tool allows me to copy one part of a photo and "paint" it into another part of the photo.

I will sometimes slightly modify Baba's hands by "cloning" a finger or part of a finger from another finger. I will also sometimes modify Baba's hair with the cloning tool.

If I modify Baba's clothing I will only use the cloning tool to copy parts of his existing clothing. I won't use the clothing of any other photo than of Baba.

I use a number of different Photoshop tools to convert the black-and-white photos into color.

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"Morning Baba"

"New Life Baba 1"

"New Life Baba 2"

"The Saki & the Nightingale"

"Happy Baba"

"Light Baba"

"Manonash Baba"

"Baba Window"

"Home Baba"

"SC Baba"

"Baba and Mehera - arbor"

"Baba and Mehera - swing"

"Baba's Doorkeepers"

"Divine Beloved"

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