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In this section I will be presenting various writings from a variety of sources about Meher Baba and life with Meher Baba. Again, not a biography. This will be selections of pieces about various aspects of the life and work of Meher Baba with emphasis on the experiences of those who shared his life and work.

the notebook: a series of pages from my notebook.
One my first trip to India in 1990, I brought along a whole bag of art materials. On my second trip to India in 1997 I brought along only a small book with blank pages and a pencil. I spent time sitting next to Mehera's tomb with my back resting against the warm stones of the samadhi in the quiet Indian afternoons on the hill. And I drew in my little book and wrote either Baba's words on the pages or some of my own thoughts. Since then I have added to the pages of the notebook. It is my meditation.

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