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Meher Baba Life Timeline: 1936-1948

Meher Baba 1935

Meher Baba 1937 Cannes

Meher Baba 1937 Meherabad

eher Baba 1937 SS Circassia

Meher Baba 1939 Bangalore

Meher Baba 1939 Delhi

Meher Baba 1939 Jabalpur

Meher Baba 1939 with Mast Shariat Khan

Meher Baba 1945

1936 Begins Rahuri ashram for mast and mad (8 months until April 1937)– October: 9th visit to the West (London, Zurich, Paris) – Dec. Nasik Ashram - 20 western disciples

1937 After 7 months at Nasik sends Western disciples to France to prepare for his visit to Cannes with select men and women mandali and Muhammad mast – July 31 sailed for Cannes with six of the women mandali (first time bringing them to the west) 10th visit to west– motor trip to Paris (apartment of Alfredo and Consuelo Sides) -Paris World Fair Baba circled by car without going inside – November returned to India – western women join ashram on the hill – Kitty, Norina, Rano– four months later Elizabeth and Nonny joined the ashram

1937 - 1949 WWII / India partition / Baba and select mandali (Baidul, Kaka, Eruch, Vishnu baggage & Chagan cooking), on intensive mast tours – 80,000 miles to contact 20,000 masts (most “ordinary”) – Wayfarers published 1948 – intervals of fast and seclusion

1938 Dec. - 1941 Dec. Blue Bus Tours – up to 30 women disciples from East & West – tours focused on Baba contacting masts located by men mandali – between tours Kitty, Elizabeth, Norina, Rano, Nadine, Irene, Margaret living on Meherabad Hill with Mehera, Mani, Naja, Khorshed, Mansari, Masi, Valu, Gulmai - Meher Baba Journal with discourses from Baba, edited & published by Elizabeth from India

1939 Mast ashram Bangalore

1938 Dec.- 1941 Dec. Mast ashrams – Baba planned and supervised seven main mast ashrams and these were maintained at different places such as Ajmer, Jabalpur, Bangalore, Meherabad, Ranchi, Mahableshwar and Satara.

1940 Baba holds 7-day birthday celebrations in honor of Upasani Maharaj (longest birthday celebrations ever held by Baba and mandali)

1941 Elizabeth, Norina , and Nadine sent to West to find site for Baba’s Center in the West – October: Baba’s last meeting with Upasani Maharaj – December: Maharaj drops the body – Baba and mandali at Kumbha Mela Allahabad touching feet of 7,000 sadhus in one day

1942 wartime travel for contact with masts – seclusions – giving lists of instructions to followers to participate in his work

1943 Shireen dies Feb. 25 – March public darshans at Sholapur, Barsi, and Akkalkot as many as 50,000 at some darshans – Oct. visit Calcutta during terrible famine – feeding program – Baba incognito, fed about 325 middle class who had fallen on hard times – from a private room he handed out the food to each – handed out 10,000 blessed chapatis to poor in the streets

1944-1949 Baba and some men & women mandali spending time at Pimpalgaon

1944 intensive mast trips during the war – early June Baba makes Margaret to throw Gesu the pet cat out in the storm (Allies had been delaying invasion of France due to bad weather – they launched D-Day June 6) – Kaikobad and his family move to Meherabad – public darshans in various places – meetings called for various ones for various purposes

1945 Hyderabad contacting masts – continues giving darshans and calling meetings

1947 January fasting and seclusion at Meherabad – Kaikobad’s cabin for 40 days surounded by tata fence - Ali Shah brought to work with Baba daily – shifts to Pimpalgaon for last half of fast/seclusion – December again toured Hydrabad contacting masts – returned and went into seclusion seclusion on Tembi Hill in two huts with Ali Shah

1948 Allahabad Kumbha Mela Baba touches feet of 4,000 sadhus in one morning (7 advanced)

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