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Meher Baba Life Timeline: 1949-1958

Meher Baba 1949

Meher Baba 1950 Mahableshwar

Meher Baba 1950 Meherabad

Meher Baba 1954 Ahmednagar

Meher Baba 1954 Wadia Park

Meher Baba 1956 New York

Meher Baba 1956 Washington DC

Meher Baba 1956 California

Meher Baba 1957 Bombay darshan

Meher Baba 1958 Meherabad
1949 June 22-July 31 Great Seclusion in Blue Bus set up at Meherabad – Aug. begins talking about “New Life” – Oct. 16 start of New Life – training period at Benares – new life in full starts Dec. 12 with caravan of animals heading north from Sarnath

1950 New Life travels: Haridwar, Motichur, Rishikesh, Calcutta, Gudur, and Hyderabad – in Rishikesh contacting sadhus, saints, mahatmas in their places – Baba referred to only as “Elder Brother”

1951 Feb. 100 days seclusion in Mahableshwar – Aug. start of four months Manonash phase of New Life – hill cave near Hyderabad then in two cabins on Seclusion Hill – then cabins moved down to Meherazad – Nov. at Khuldabad dictates Prayer of Repentance – Baba emerges from seclusion Feb. 1952

1952 Free Life period – move permanently to Meherazad at Pimpalgaon – April first visit to Meher Center on the Lakes with 5 men mandali and 6 women mandali – May 24 auto accident in Prague, Oklahoma – recover at Myrtle Beach– “complicated free life up to July 10 – to New York: Sufism Re-oriented charter set up – Nov. returned to India – Nov. 15 start of “fiery free life” – travels to 36 towns and remote hamlets giving darshan, washing feet of the poor

1953 Dehera Dun in seclusion from Feb. 16 for the rest of the year – intense universal work – composed Master’s Prayer – Sept. 7 declaration he is Avatar in “Highest of the High” discourse – first issue of Awakener journal

1954 Jan. to Andhra Pradesh – mass darshans – February to Hamirpur – Feb. 9 at Mahewa, birthplace of Keshav Nigam, all-night sahavas - at 1am Feb. 10 Baba spells out on alphabet board: “Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai” – assembled villagers begin shouting the acclaim in waves of adoration – Madras darshan for 150,000 – tour of South India until March 24 – September Meherabad Three Incredible Weeks – Oct. 7 gave up alphabet board began using finger signs

1955 Jan. 9 ends 40 day fast – begins travels giving mass darshans around India – Nov.-Dec. Sahavas programs at Meherabad for invited devotees – 4 groups divided by language groups

1956 Jan. 8-day darshan at Sakori for Godavari Mai – July to Europe (Switzerland, Paris, London) – then to New York and second visit to Meher Center on the Lakes in Myrtle Beach – continues on to San Francisco, Meher Mount – first trip to Australia, Avatar’s Abode – Sept. God Speaks published – Dec. 2 second auto accident near Satara

1957 Feb. touches feet of 800 poor at Meherazad – visits Sakori and Poona giving darshan to thousands

1958 Feb. Sahavas program for Eastern Lovers at Meherabad – May: Sahavas for Western lovers at Myrtle Beach Meher Center - June to Australia Avatar’s Abode – (last trip to the West) – July 10 Meherabad gives Universal Message – from July began seclusions that lasted on and off for 10 years until the end of his life – July 14 four and a half months “total seclusion” with all communication and contact cut off, correspondence banned – resident mandali kept separate and restricted – selected mandali participated in first 40 days intense period with fast , repetition of God’s name and other orders – works in seclusion with selected masts and Kaikobad – suffered numerous health problems – sends circular to all lovers asking them to reply by Nov. 20 if they are prepared to place full trust in him – concluded seclusion with 21 day fast – nearly 30,000 replies to circular received by end November from around the world – to Guruprasad December

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