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Meher Baba Life Timeline: 1959-1969

Meher Baba 1959 Guruprasad

Meher Baba 1959  Pune

Meher Baba 1960 Guruprasad

Meher Baba 1961 Guruprasad

Meher Baba 1962 Guruprasad

Meher Baba 1962 Meherazad

Meher Baba 1963

Meher Baba 1964 Pune

Meher Baba 1964 Pune Center

Meher Baba 1964

Meher Baba 1965

Meher Baba 1965 Guruprasad

Meher Baba 1965 Guruprasad

Meher Baba and Mehera 1966

Meher Baba 1966

Meher Baba 1967

Meher Baba 1968
1959 Jan. Guruprasad meeting with lovers, visitors, bhajan programs – Baba’s bedroom moved downstairs at Meherazad – March visits Bombay, darshan to hundreds – returns to Poona – begins staying at Guruprasad for part of the year from this time –May-July period of special work (asked all to be resigned to his wish and not cause irritation)

August to Meherazad – begins period of crucial work with Kaikobad – Aug. 25 “Beloved God” prayer dictated – persistent health problems – Sept. for 40 days working with poor but no one outside was to know (“most important period of my Avataric work”) – resident mandali at particular times repeating God’s and prayers, and fasting– no one permitted to leave Meherazad and no outsider to come in – circular sent to lovers: Universal work to continue Nov.-Dec. (opportunities for lovers to participate with periods of fast, silence) – seclusion concludes Dec.24 – washed feet of Lepers – Mehera’s birthday celebrated

1960 Darshan Jan. 4 Ahmednagar Kushru quarters (almost 1,000 from all over came) – continued health problems – Feb. Birthday celebrated elaborately around India but simply at Meherazad – March: Darshan Kushru quarters (8,500 attended)

Baba and mandali go to Guruprasad for 3-month stay (regular darshans and discourses, visitors & groups come from around India & region, visiting homes, offices, institutions in Poona, poor programs) – Maharani Shantadevi regular visitor – May 20 Nilkanthwala mast brought from Rishikesh (worked with Baba 5 days) – June 5-6 darshan to 10,000 at Guruprasad, bow to 160 poor, then to 150 poor and lepers at Ahmednagar

June 20 leave for Meherazad (stop at Bund gardens to see lovers gathered there) – July 1 starts 6-month seclusion – working with Kaikobad – Nilkanthwala brought briefly – repeated periods of fasting – discourses to resident mandali – increased health problems – Dec: sent orders to lovers around the world to repeat God’s and fast once during 21 days Dec 26- Jan 15

1961 Feb: circular sent: seclusion continues “irrespective of where Baba is located” – no visitors/correspondence allowed – March to Poona/Guruprasad – allows lovers to come once during 2-week period for one hour only – otherwise all visitors banned – May 7 gave darshan to 300 children in Guruprasad – May 15 gave open darshan

Aug. 7 returned to Meherazad – circular indicated seclusion would continue, visitors and correspondence still banned – Sept. 14 gave feast and darshan to Arangaon villagers at Meherabad followed by singing program by Ahmednagar bhajan group – Sept. 24 small group of 70 Ahmednagar lovers invited to Meherazad for one hour – Oct. 1 a few persons from Ahmednagar called for qawaal program – Nov. 12 young 16 year old girl from Ahmednagar Baba group gave singing program, Baba liked her very much – Nov. 25-Dec. 5 Nilkanthwala mast brought to work with Baba

1962 continued health problems – Feb. 11-22 Don Stevens comes to discuss “God Speaks” publication – toured places associated with Baba’s work – took film of locatins and of Baba – Meher Dham established in Hamirpur – Meher Hall dedicated in Bombay – ground breaking for Poona Baba Center – various plays and music programs in different places

March 31 with men & women mandali to Poona Guruprasad – April meetings called to discuss planning for East-West gathering –Mohammad mas brought for 5 days – music programs during stay at Guruprasad with various ones invited to attend – ban on visitors and correspondence continues – Baba gave discourses on occasion to those present – May 5 planning group for East-West gathering called – continued health problems

July 8 return to Meherazad – Aug. 26 meeting called for final arrangements for East West gathering – during the year Baba dictated discourses for new collection “The Everything and the Nothing” – Aug. Baba dictates lines for poem “You Alone Exist” for Bhau to complete – Sept. instructions sent out to those attending East-West gathering – health problems begin to include severe muscle spasms when resting – continued to dictate discourses and see to daily matters and planning for November gathering – Oct. 23 leave for Guruprasad – Oct 27-Nov. East West Gathering – Nov. 10 return to Meherazad

1963 Baba asked that his birthday not be celebrated anywhere in the world – Feb. 28 opening of Meheresthan at Kovvur – Baba and Eastern mandali only to Guruprasad (he said western lovers had received special opportunities of his presence during the East-West Gathering) – from April lovers could visit Guruprasad only on Sundays (no seeking interviews or advice) – June return to Meherazad – Baba’s health deteriorating – Nov.17 called Poona Center workers to Meherazad for meeting about conflicts over differences – Baba mela at Nauranga, Hamirpur-Baba sent Sarosh and Viloo to take his embrace to his lovers at the mela-the two witnessed the tremendous response to Baba’s love even without his physical presence

1964 March opening of Meher Dham in Dehera Dun (Sarosh and Viloo again sent to represent Baba) – Baba and select mandali to Gurprasad April-June – circular sent in February indicated no darshan, no one to visit Poona to see him, none should approach or seek permission to approach, no cables, letters, telegrams

Baba began using wheel chair sent by Dr. Kenmore while at Guruprasad – June 1 leaving Poona for Meherazad called lovers to Guruprasad for his company before leaving – Madhasudan sang for Baba – devotees lined the drive on both sides as Baba’s car drove out – continued seclusion at Meheraza – not visiting Meherabad since 1962 – came to mandali hall for about 2 hours in the mornings and 2 hours in the afternoon – health problems increase – October letter to Allen Cohen with first message against drugs

November Pukar inaugurates Meherpuri colony in Hamirpur – Baba sends Barucha and Dhakephalkar from Bombay group to represent him and carry his love to the event – Baba had told them “if you want to see me and witness my love, go to Hamirpur, I will be there.” Bombay group overwhelmed with Baba’s love at the mela

1965 Dr. Ginde repeated trips to treat Baba – March 30 leave for Guruprasad – May1-6: week-long Mass darshan Guruprasad,Poona - 6,000 lovers attended - “Now I cannot embrace you so I allow you to bow down to my love for you” – mandali allowed to bow down – last major appearance–

July 1 return to Meherazad – from August carried in lift chair to mandali hall for only one hour once a day in the morning –Sep. 4 canceled December sahavas for Western lovers due to pressers of universal work and deteriorating world situation affecting Baba’s health (extreme pain in neck an hip) – no disturbance, no darshan for anyone until Nov. 1967 – cancelled 40-day darshan tour planed for Feb. 1966 – Nov. Robert Dryfus arrives - Baba gives Dryfus, Cohen, and Chapman the task of spreading his message against drugs to the youth of America

1966 Seclusion – April to Guruprasad – Ahmednagar lovers not allowed to stand on road and greet Baba’s car as it passed through – access at Guruprasad severely restricted-only a select few for a few minutes – Bombay lovers did not come this year – July 1 left Poona for Meherazad – correspondence with American lovers promoting his “no drugs” message in the media and universities – From August no visitors allowed at Meherazad until end of 1967 – Nov. signs posted in Hindi, Marathi, English: “Avatar Meher Baba has stopped seeing anyone or giving darshan to anyone – Baba’s seclusion includes his not leaving Meherazad

1967 April 1 – July 1 with mandali to Gurprasad – signs about not seeing anyone or giving darshan posted at Guruprasad – only those specifically called for his work will be seen – Poona lovers allowed to send food to Baba and mandali at Guruprasad

1968 Seclusion extended until March – seclusion ended; exclusion begun – July 30 “my work is done; it is completed 100 percent to my satisfaction . . .” – December 22-23 celebrations of Mehera’s birthday, Dara & Amrit engagement and wedding, Navjot ceremony for 3 children from Baba families (last film of Baba, last time close lovers gather to be with Baba)

1969 January 31 “Avatar Meher Baba dropped his physical body at 12 noon 31st January at Meherazad to live eternally in the hearts of all his lovers.” – April 10 to June 10 Last Darshan

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