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I begin ink drawings with a quick light sketch to place the major aspects of Meher Baba's face or form in relation to each other. I examine the source photo carefully, noticing the size and juxtaposition of the many different elements with each other, where each element is situated in relation to other elements, adjusting and correcting the sketch. I work gradually on the preliminary sketch, leaving it sometimes for a few days or weeks to get a fresh eye to see the sketch and the photo more clearly. Each time I come back I add a few details; eyes, hand, feet. After many corrections I begin the ink drawing. I look very closely at each small part of the photo: Baba's eye, his forehead, his fingers, his ear, the curve of his eyebrow, the edge of his hair. I can become lost in this close focus on the small details of Baba's form as I make each mark to capture that beauty that shines from each part of his being.

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