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I have thought of myself as an artist from the time I was a child. My mother, herself a visual artist, began teaching me to draw when I was about three years old. In my early 20s I began to engage seriously with the creation of visual images, first with drawings, followed in my 30s with woodblock prints, and then in my 40s with digital art. I happily work in all these media now.

I learned of Meher Baba in 1979 when I first moved to Myrtle Beach, and heard through the local grapevine a smattering of information about him and the "Baba Center" as we called it. But I wasn't interested more than mild curiosity. However by 1989, my life had self-destructed and I concluded that I didn't believe in God anymore, so decided to wander off the reservation and check out Baba. By 1990 I was on my first trip to Meherabad.

And I very soon began to make art about Baba. This website showcases my work in the different media in which I enjoy working. It also includes, along with the images, some of my thinking in creating these images. I hope you find it an enjoyable place to visit.

Meher Baba


wood cut of Meher Baba


This website is created about Meher Baba. If you are not familiar with who Meher Baba is and his teachings I'll give you some websites to visit to find out more. But here I'm just putting up stuff that I've created to share.

I'm putting up some of my poetry about Baba and perhaps some works that have been inspired by Baba's teachings. In the "writing" section is material that isn't poetry. And "timeline" is a project I worked up because I could never remember what happened when in Baba's life. I got the various seclusions mixed up and couldn't remember whether the blue bus tours were before or after the mast tours. My husband remembers everything and when it happened and where you can look it up. But he's been reading the biographies for about 20 years longer than I have!

Like the artwork section above, I will probably continue to add to these sections. And because I'm an artist at heart, I'll probably also include artwork in with the writing parts.

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timeline Baba's life

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