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sahaj dhyan

when you wake in the morning
and your day begins again
remember dearest Baba
and start it off with him

hes your speed bump of love
hes the pause that refreshes
wear his name each day
hes your raincoat and your sweater

take an intermission then
to remember him at noon
his love will feed your heart
and chase away the gloom

hes your all-weather coat
your umbrella and your shoes
his name keeps out the bugs
so remember him with love

then once more just stop at five
to break your thoughts again
put your day aside
and pause to think of him

hes your sunshine and your rain
hes your lightness and your dark
remember dearest Baba
his love will keep your heart

when the day is over
and you settle into bed
give him all your good and bad
and say goodnight with love

hes the ocean of love
hes the rest for the weary
his name will carry you
so remember not to worry

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